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Nextdoor for your small business holiday marketing

A successful holiday season is essential for most small business owners. At least 68% of small businesses said the winter holiday season is a top sales opportunity for their business. With rising economic uncertainty, inflation, and labour shortages, a stellar holiday season is even more important this year. The good news is that with proper planning, it’s possible to hit your sales goals and grow your local customer base. 

Nextdoor’s 7 Top Tips: How to Drive Holiday Sales can help you grow your business with hyper-local marketing and advertising by targeting Nextdoor neighbours who love to support small businesses. Our guide includes the following:

1. Learn the top holiday trends of 2022 to boost sales

2. Create a holiday marketing calendar to easily reach reach new customers on Nextdoor

3. Turn neighbours into customers with a dazzling Business Page

4. Engage neighbours with free and unlimited holiday Business Posts

5. Grow your business with Nextdoor Ads this holiday season

6. Get more recommendations to build trust with neighbours

7. Attend our free webinar to learn Small Business holiday how-tos


Why Nextdoor for your local holiday marketing and advertising

Nextdoor’s business solutions are designed to help small businesses thrive by connecting them to neighbours, who are the ultimate holiday planners and hyper-local shoppers, at the peak of holiday shopping intent – and turn them into customers.


Neighbours turn to Nextdoor as a resource for holiday planning

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 5.13.25 PM

Beginning in October, neighbour conversations related to holiday planning pop 3.2X as they start thinking about the holiday season. That means neighbours are asking for and sharing recommendations about favorite local places to fulfill all of their holiday needs, from home decor, to party planning, to yard cleanup, to gift giving, and more. 

In November, neighbours actively prepare their homes for the holidays. Search queries for “Christmas lights” increase 147%, “window washing” grows  44%, and “house cleaning” pops 36%. If you own a home services business, Nextdoor is the place to connect with neighbours looking for your services.

The first step to getting found locally on Nextdoor is to claim your Business Page, which is where neighbours turn to for your business contact information.


Neighbours are the ultimate holiday shoppers 

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 5.04.22 PM

More than 60% of Nextdoor neighbours exchange gifts during their winter holiday celebrations. While some people choose to wait until the last minute to finish their holiday shopping, neighbours on Nextdoor are the opposite. Fifty percent of Nextdoor neighbours start their holiday shopping a month or more in advance of the season. They’re also bargain shoppers. Neighbours are 30% more likely to wait for holiday sale events to make major purchases.

By running a promotion or deal with Nextdoor Ads, you can tap into the 43% of neighbours who actively look for discount codes and coupons during the holiday season. And, if you’re thinking of differentiating your offerings this holiday season, Nextdoor is the first place you should let customers know. Neighbours are 71% more likely to be one of the first to try new products and services.


Nextdoor connects small businesses with neighbours to meet them in the holiday moment

Whether your holiday business goal is to be discovered locally, engage with neighbours about things that matter to them and to your business, or grow your bottom line, Nextdoor has a business solution for you. 

The best part? Neighbours are more likely than the average American to enjoy holiday ads. Lean into their enthusiasm and the holiday spirit. Get started by claiming your Nextdoor Business Page. Then, meet neighbours in the moment, where they’re already searching for what your business offers – and turn them into customers.

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Sourced from internal Nextdoor data 2021, 2022

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