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The neighbourhood hub for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information, goods and services

Nextdoor connects neighbours to each other — and to everything nearby: Residents, local businesses, news, nonprofits and civic agencies.

1 in 6

of U.K households are active on Nextdoor


of members have been influenced by a recommendation on Nextdoor


Nextdoor is available in 11 countries

Source: Internal Nextdoor data

Brands have a welcome place in the neighbourhood


We ensure neighbours are connected to real people in the neighbourhoods that matter to them. Reach neighbours who rely on Nextdoor for trusted information — every day.

Local Perspective

Whether they need to find a new bank or their next sofa, neighbours turn to Nextdoor for what they need most. Reach neighbours in a relevant context. 


Neighbours are automatically connected to everyone nearby so they can build real-world connections. Reach neighbours locally — at scale — with personalized messages for neighbourhoods.

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Success stories

UpNest levels up home selling for neighbours through Nextdoor

Traeger wanted to engage their target audience and build awareness and brand consideration for their industry leading wood-fired grills.

Party City helped neighbours bring a safe and fun Halloween to neighbourhoods with Nextdoor's Treat Map

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