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    Drive more sales with Nextdoor ads

    ✓ Advanced targeting capabilities
    ✓ Conversion tracking
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    How Nextdoor Ads Manager can drive results

    Powerful targeting options

    Persona Targeting
    Reach neighbors based on homeownership, household income, gender, age, and more.

    High-Powered Audiences
    Build custom audiences for retargeting and unlock automatic expansion so the algorithm can work for you.

    Interest Targeting
    Choose from our many interest targeting options to reach neighbors who have expressed an interest in what you are promoting.

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    Track conversions using the Nextdoor pixel

    Add the Nextdoor pixel to track purchases, leads, signups and more.

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    Easy to start, easy to scale

    Start testing and experimenting quickly.

    Track performance using the Nextdoor Ads reporting dashboard in real time and optimize accordingly.

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    Nextdoor Ads Manager makes it easy to get started


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    Create your free business page
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    Select your ad goal
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    Choose your target audience
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    Reach new customers and grow your business
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    Nextdoor neighbors are real people who have confirmed their identity and address

    We know this about Nextdoor neighbors
    (in the last 30 days):


    did not visit Facebook and Messenger


    did not visit Instagram


    did not visit TikTok

    *Comscore US Cross Visitation, Multi-Platform Data, March 2023
    1 in 3

    households in the US are on the platform


    of Nextdoor neighbors are the main or joint shopper at home


    are homeowners

    Case Studies and Success Stories

    The Farmer’s Dog was able to scale their program spend up by over 380% and was able to achieve a CPA 33% below their benchmark.
    The Farmer's Dog
    Through the Nextdoor pixel, Home Chef has seen their average newsfeed campaign CPA decrease by 25%.
    Home Chef

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    Create an account now, and you can walk through setting up a campaign to see exactly how the tools work and understand targeting and reporting capabilities.

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