Why advertise on Nextdoor?

Reach a unique and powerful audience that isn’t easily found on other popular advertising channels


Local marketing made easy

Meet customers in your neighborhood in just 5 easy steps:

  • Start with your goal
  • Choose your target audience
  • Set your daily ad budget and schedule
  • Create your ad
  • Publish

Real people

Nextdoor requires all neighbors to sign up with their real name and address, so you can be confident you’re advertising to your target audience.


Ready to act

Neighbors come to Nextdoor seeking recommendations with a high intent for buying products and services.


Reach your business goals with Nextdoor

Nextdoor Ads Manager helps you grow your business in the neighborhoods that matter to you


1 in 3

US households are on Nextdoor

Source: Internal Nextdoor data



Nextdoor neighbors value recommendations for products, services and businesses from their neighbors on Nextdoor.

Nextdoor Neighbor Survey, May 2023



of neighbors on Nextdoor are the joint or sole household purchase decision maker.

GWI, U.S. Q3 2021 - Q2 2022

How does billing work?

Payment will be automatic, and you’ll be billed once you reach your billing threshold, or upon your monthly billing date, whichever comes first. You can either upload a credit card for individual accounts, or add payment info under your main business account, so that payment method can be accessible by all your ad accounts.

Why businesses love Nextdoor

Nextdoor puts neighbors in front of nearby businesses. I’ve tried other platforms but they’re too big and too broad Nextdoor has helped me grow my business exponentially and about 50 to 60% of my customers are through Nextdoor.

Bill Evans, Flowing Current Electric

People want to work with businesses that their neighbors know and trust. Nextdoor provides a platform to facilitate that. If you are looking to expand your local presence, look no further than Nextdoor.

Mario, 6Accounting

Nextdoor has been such a pleasure to work with.  They have made it really easy to update our ads and grow into more territories. We are really excited for what’s to come from our continued partnership.

Tara, Leafguard

We’ve had a really good experience with Nextdoor ads. The quality of jobs we get from neighbors on Nextdoor is very high, and it’s been helpful to get the word out into local neighborhoods.

Natalie, Gallagher's Rug & Carpet Care

Portland, OR

The ROI with Nextdoor is better than we’ve seen with other channels. We’ve found that leads from Nextdoor close at a much higher rate than other channels. We attribute that success to the power of recommendations from neighbors.

Tim, Renewal by Andersen

We've done a lot of direct mail, but Nextdoor Ads is much more effective and cost-efficient because members on Nextdoor are very committed to their communities and really want to support their local businesses.

Claire, YWCA Central Carolinas

My business is booming because of Nextdoor. My family and I are so grateful. I tell everyone I can to get their business onto Nextdoor.

John, Plumber

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