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Nextdoor Insights Series #1: In an Era of Social Distancing, Neighborliness is on the Rise

Apr 1, 2020 • Insights • Written by Nextdoor Enterprise Team

In the recent weeks we’ve seen business closures, shelter in place orders, and increased outbreaks embolden neighbors to ask for help, step up to help, and offer support. We’ve captured these and many other neighborhood trends in our insights report: In an era of social distancing, neighborliness is on the rise. One theme that has stayed persistent is as people keep their distance, we see more togetherness. Highlights from the report are below.

Shelter in place orders led to an immediate uptick in neighborhood outreach with a 262% lift in members talking about helping each other since January. Neighbors have become the first line of support for those who need help with topics ranging from “help for groceries” to “help for those working in at-risk roles.”

vital proximity

Source: Internal Data Feb - March 2020


Proximity becomes vital in times of uncertainty and is key regardless of urban density, age or family make up. Turns out, it’s in all of our nature to be a good neighbor.

demo age increae

Source: % increase in daily active users since January


A neighborhood you can rely on has never been more critical. “I can help” Is an option in multiple forms on Nextdoor. 

group, help map, etc









  • Millions of members have viewed the Help Map on Nextdoor: a map where neighbors can mark if and how they are available to help neighbors. 65% of them return at least once to check back
  • Groups conversations have increased by 7x as members have joined neighborhood groups (Recent groups: COVID-19 Pandemic shopping tips, Families with college kids home due to coronavirus, making patient masks)
  • Conversations about helping local businesses have increased 17x in the past two weeks.


Top search terms reveal a shift in focus from leisure to essentials & safety in social isolation.

search terms

Source: Internal Data from 2/1 - 2/27


We believe there is genuine value and support brands can bring to our members in times like these. 77% of consumers expect brands to be helpful during this new “everyday life”, this is especially true on a neighborhood level.

brand covid

Source: The Global Impact of COVID 19, Kantar


At Nextdoor we hope to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on. We’ve seen kindness come to life on Nextdoor and believe we can all continue to help. You can read our full insights report here. And check out our second report in the series: #StrengthInNeighbors, which discusses how neighbors see the world today and the rise of local.

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