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Reach Pet Owners on Nextdoor

Jul 27, 2020 • Insights • Written by Nextdoor Enterprise Team

Nextdoor members have one major thing in common, they are pet owners and lovers. 


Pets are a regular topic of conversation among neighbors as they seek information on products, services and even help in finding their lost furry friends. In Q2 2020, there were over 5 million conversations about dogs and cats on Nextdoor. 


As a pet product or retailer you reach engaged pet owners with relevant, customized messaging through targeted Sponsored Posts: 

  • Seasonal messaging: Share timely messaging to pet owners with tips for keeping their pets safe and healthy
  • Drive in-store purchases: Target new pet owners or recent movers with information on their nearest store location to buy all the supplies they need. Share in-store offers and build brand loyalty to keep neighbors coming back for all their pet needs. 
  • Local advocates: Through brand awareness and local referrals, share that neighbors already trust your brand. 
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