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Super Bowl 2021

Jan 27, 2021 • Insights • Written by Nextdoor Enterprise Team
Super Bowl 2021
Even though neighbors might not be able to cheer on their favorite team in the company of others, brands can still make their messaging local at national scale to create meaningful and impactful connections.

Reach neighbors with relevant information and keep your brand top-of-mind while they plan their Big Game virtual viewing experience or influence consumer behavior by establishing your brand as the go-to for all Big Game needs.
  • Be the go-to for all Big Game needs and encourage safe shopping by sharing how your brand is taking COVID safety precautions or highlighting pickup/delivery options, such as curbside pickup or same day delivery
  • Influence online conversions by linking Sponsored Post to a pre-filled cart with recommended food, snacks, drinks, or decorations to easily drive online conversions
  • Connect at the local level by leveraging any partnerships between your brand and players from a specific sports team to increase interest and sentiment - easily customize messaging with a specific player or team per market
  • Offer neighborhood sourcing with local customization by offering a group discount on your brand’s delivery service if neighbors select delivery in a certain time frame, saving your brand time and money
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