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Neighborhood Sponsorships: Answers to Top Questions from Real Estate Agents & Local Businesses

February 22, 2021
Written by Carla Morla
February 22, 2021 | Written by Carla Morla

A Nextdoor Neighborhood Sponsorship helps establish brand recognition and rapport with customers in the neighborhoods that matter most to your local business. Whether you’re considering a sponsorship or are already a Sponsor, we know questions come up along the way. From managing your account to previewing and editing your ads,  we’re here to help make your Sponsorship successful. Read on for answers to our 5 most asked questions. 

#1 What is included in my Neighborhood Sponsorship?

Nextdoor Neighborhood Sponsorships allow you to establish your brand presence in the ZIP codes you care about most while offering an easy way to interact with neighbors in those areas.

When you become a Neighborhood Sponsor, you’ll get:

  • Access to two types of ad formats - Conversation Starters and Tips & Advice. Conversation Ads run automatically once you become a sponsor. You also have the option to run Tips & Advice ads. You can create up to 10 versions for each ad format. To maximize your Sponsorship, we recommend adding customized options that are relevant to your business.
  • Two posts per sponsored ZIP code - Business posts allow you to post photos and write a unique caption. Neighbors can react to, comment on, and share these posts. Unlike the free Business Posts you receive when you claim your Business Page, posts that come with your Sponsorship also give you the option to run polls and events.
    NOTE: These posts will show up as “Sponsored” when seen by neighbors on Nextdoor.
  • Sponsorship insights - On your business home page,  click on the “Manage Plan” tab to get insights on the number of unique people who saw your ad, the average number of views per person, and the cost to reach each person. These insights will help you see the areas your Sponsorship is performing best.

#2 How do I know my ads are running? 

Remember, you have the option to run a Conversation Starter ad, Tips & Advice ad, or both. To see which ad types you have currently running, head to the “Manage Plan” tab on your business home page.

From there, click on the “ads” option at the top navigation. For each ad type, you can see what’s currently running by clicking on “customize.” If the slider is green, you’ll know that a specific ad type is running.

Keep in mind, once you become a Neighborhood Sponsor, the Conversation Starter ad formats run automatically.

From here, you also have the option to edit which prompts to have rotated, customize a prompt, or turn that ad type off. 

To preview your ads, go back to the “Manage Plan” tab and click “Preview Ads.”

#3 What is the difference between Sponsorship and Local Deals?

With a Nextdoor Neighborhood Sponsorship, you purchase a ZIP code and run ads and Business Posts that target neighbors within that ZIP code. Sponsorships are billed monthly. If your goal is to build your business reputation and customer rapport, a Neighborhood Sponsorship is for you. 

Local Deals are ideal for businesses with goals to increase in-store and online traffic by running special promotions. You can target down to a neighborhood level, up to a 10-mile radius from your business and you can choose to make your Local Deal a one-time ad or make it recurring. Local Deals are also customizable with a photo and description.

#4 Why are my ads different from the Sponsored ads I see on the Nextdoor newsfeed?

You may see another “Sponsored” ad on the Nextdoor newsfeed that looks different from your Conversation Starter or Tips & Advice ads. While both ads say “Sponsored,”  chances are the different ad you’re seeing is from one of our national advertisers. These ad types are different from the ads you get with your Neighborhood Sponsorship.

#5 Where do I find my invoices?

To find a record of your Sponsorship invoices, click on your profile photo on the top right-hand corner of your screen, then click “Settings.” On the top navigation, you’ll find a tab labeled “Billing Details.” You’ll find a record of your billing details sorted by year. From there, you can download the invoices. 

When it comes to your Neighborhood Sponsorship, we’re here to help. For additional resources, check out our Small Business Guide to Neighborhood Sponsorships. If you’re a real estate professional, we have a more customized guide for you here

Claim your free Business Page to get started on Nextdoor. For resources on how to use Nextdoor to stay connected with your local customers, pertinent news affecting businesses, and more, follow us at @nextdoorbusiness on Facebook.

Claim your free Business Page to get started on Nextdoor. For resources on how to use Nextdoor to stay connected with your local customers, pertinent news affecting business, and more, follow us at @nextdoorbusiness on Facebook

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