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New Year Post Ideas for Your Neighborhood Sponsorship

January 25, 2021
Written by Carla Morla
January 25, 2021 | Written by Carla Morla

For many industries, 2020 was the year of changes and learning to quickly adapt to them. The pandemic overhauled how many businesses ran operations and the real estate industry was no exception. With a new year and even more changes to expect, one thing should remain constant - keeping your real estate business brand front and center.  

A Nextdoor Neighborhood Sponsorship makes it easy to stay top of mind in the neighborhoods where you do business. Whether you’re considering a sponsorship or are a current sponsor, it’s important that your neighbors know who to turn to for their housing needs.  2021 is expected to bring in more home sales than any year since 2006, and the new year is the perfect time to take advantage of a Neighborhood Sponsorship.


Here are 3 post ideas you can try at the beginning of the year. 

#1 Remind neighbors of COVID-19 safety measures while you do business

Remind neighbors of the COVID-19 safety measures you are currently implementing. Whether its sanitizing, limiting the number of people who attend showings, or even how you’re utilizing virtual showings -- the health and safety of others continue to be a major priority across all industries. Use one of your posts to show how you’re taking safety precautions with your business and to reassure current or prospective clients that they’re in good hands. 

#2 Show off your neighborhood knowledge that neighbors may find insightful

Selling a home also means selling the neighborhood that it’s in. Show off your local expertise by featuring highlights from the area. What are the best restaurants? Are there any nearby parks or outdoor spaces? Are there activities residents can do that are unique to the area? How is this particular neighborhood handling the pandemic? These are all topics you can share in your post that will not only paint a full picture of what it’s like to live in the neighborhood but also show how connected you are to the community. Encourage more engagement by asking neighbors what some of their favorite local spots are. 

#3 Share seasonal information that is useful and timely


Diversify your posts by sharing seasonal information neighbors can actually use in the given moment. Lean into the season by providing home maintenance or decor tips, or even sharing seasonal recipes. Posting this type of information helps you grow your reputation by appealing to neighbors who may not have housing needs at the time. Because you provide useful information, they’ll have a reason to engage with your post and will know who to turn to should they need real estate services in the future.   

With a Nextdoor Neighborhood Sponsorship, it’s easy to connect with neighbors and build awareness around your brand. Get started today by claiming your free Business Page.

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