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Nextdoor for Mortgage Brokers: Local Advertising Ideas

January 7, 2020 • Marketing tips • Written by Nextdoor Editorial Team

As a mortgage broker, you’re rooted right in the community of the people you most often serve. Not only do you know the local area, but you understand local laws and, of course, have a solid understanding of competitive interest rates.

With a business that is often relationship-driven, it’s important to get your name out to the community – and that’s where Nextdoor can help. Neighborhood Sponsorship is available to home-related businesses, and serves as a way to both increase awareness for your business and also to interact with the community through your two monthly posts.

As a Neighborhood Sponsor, if you’re not sure how to best utilize your two monthly posts, we’re here to help. Read on for 3 examples of what others in your industry have shared:
1. Offer a free mortgage check-up.

Mortgage broker ad on Nextdoor


Mortgage broker ad on Nextdoor

Why offering a mortgage check-up works: Neighbors may not know if interest rates have gone down, or may not realize the implications of their recent life changes, like a growing family or new retirement plans. A free, no-obligation mortgage checkup is a great way to personally demonstrate your expertise to neighbors and earn their business.

2. Convey your industry expertise.

Mortgage broker ad on Nextdoor

Why showing your expertise works: A post that focuses on the value you can bring to the customer (in this case, saving money) communicates your industry expertise, and can instill confidence and trust in you as a mortgage broker.

3. Host an educational event.

Mortgage broker ad on Nextdoor

Why hosting an educational event works: There are countless “tricks of the trade” that the average person is completely unaware of, and hosting a free event in which neighbors can ask questions and learn more in person is a great opportunity to showcase your knowledge, help neighbors, and ultimately, earn new clients. Promoting your post as an event can be an effective means to bring the interaction from online to offline, which can make all the difference in closing a lead in a relationship-driven industry.


With the ability to post to your sponsored ZIP codes  twice each month, put these tips to use to raise awareness for your brand and to start interacting with the community as a Neighborhood Sponsor. Get started by claiming your free Nextdoor Business Page.

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