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Neighbour Holiday Gift Guide

Whether it's a gift, gesture, tip, or donation, let the people who make your immediate world better know you appreciate them

There are many kinds of neighbours

Here are some thought starters for the familiar faces in your life

Fresh flowers

Surprise them with a thoughtful flower arrangement in a decorative vase they can keep using

Hand soap set

Pick out a set that includes artisan hand soap and a hand lotion that goes with it

Gourmet snack gift basket

There are lots of national and local options to best fit their taste and lifestyle

Box of specialty chocolate

Give them a box of specialty chocolates from a local sweets store

Warm gloves

If you live in a colder climate, warm gloves will be much appreciated this time of year

Cookbook and groceries

Along with a fun cookbook, include a grocery gift card so they're treated to all the ingredients


Browse your local bookstore and pick up some best sellers or special interest reads you know they'd love

Bakery specialty

Pick up an artisan loaf of bread, a dozen unique cookies, or whatever else your local bakery specializes in

Ear buds

For downtime or a commute, everything is better with music or a podcast

Self care kit

Build a gift bag with relaxation items, like candles, bath salts, foot massagers, or essential oils

Personal note with gift card

Tell them how much you appreciate them with a written note or a child's drawing and include a gift card to a grab-and-go type business

Meal delivery

Get a gift card to a national or local meal delivery service so they have one less thing to worry about

Hardware store gift card

Help support your locally owned hardware store by buying a gift card to help offset costs for your gardener

Portable phone charger

A charger makes sure they don't lose battery power on their phone while on the go

Handy cooler

Find a super insulated, easy-to-carry cooler to pack any food and drink for a big day

Local coffee roaster

Pick up a fresh bag of ground roasted beans from a local coffee roaster

Gas card

Ease the burden of lots of driving with a generous gas gift card


Headlamps come in handy at all times, whether on the job, in a car, or at home

Grocery delivery

Give them a gift card to a local or national grocery delivery service

Cozy throw

Pick out a soft, cozy, and stylish throw for their couch or bed

USB speaker

Whether they're on the job or at home, a USB speaker plays music and podcasts and videos clearly and loudly

Travel mug

Get a travel cup for hot and cold beverages so they can stay hydrated and caffeinated on the go

Coffee gift card

Check on the location of the Post Office or headquarters and get a gift card to a nearby coffee shop or cafe

Outdoor recreation gift card

Make braving the elements easier for your mail carrier with a gift card to a local outdoor recreation store

Holiday candle

Give them a holiday scent they'll love when chilling at home

TV gift card

Get a gift card for any streaming platform where they can rent newly released movies

Sweets bag

Give them a bag of festive candy from your favorite sweets store

Foot massager

High tech foot massagers are a great way to relax and a nice gesture

Printed, framed photos

Give them a gift card to one of the many online services that prints and frames photos that people can simply upload from their phone

Luxury sheets

Treat them to luxury, organic sheets from one of the many amazing bed linen brands

Neighbourhood business gift card

Help out your favorite nearby businesses by getting gift cards


Get a potted plant or flower arrangement from a local store, or even a flower delivery subscription

Snack kits

Put together a gift bag of treats, like hot cocoa kits with mugs, holiday cooking spice kits, or a custom trail mix

Virtual activities or classes

Organize a virtual experience that you can all participate in together safely, like a paint and sip class, cooking class, or an escape the room game

Movie night packages

Put together a gift bag for movie nights including popcorn, candy, soda, and movie service gift cards

Family night package

Curate a suite of family activities, like board games, card games, puzzles, baking kits, or craft activities

Digital picture frame

Teachers can simply upload pictures from their phone so they can relive their favorite memories

Happy hour kit

Treat your teachers to some fancy downtime with a nice bottle of wine, craft beers, or artisan teas

A ham or turkey

There's national and local options to make a teacher's family's holiday even better

Prioritise local gifts

When brainstorming, look into local options first!

Tip without hesitation

A handy guide to showing the perfect amount of appreciation

Home and child support
1 week to 1 month pay
Day care
£25 - £75 for each staff member
1 evening’s pay
Daily housekeeper
1 week’s pay
1 week’s pay
Royal Mail
Dog walker
1 week’s pay
Newspaper delivery
£10 - £30
£20 - £50
Garage attendant
£10 - £40 per attendant
£50 - £100
£20 - £80

Source: Town & Country

Donate in their name

If it feels appropriate, make a donation in someone’s name - it's a great way to honor them and give back

  • Local shelters
  • Local food bank
  • Local animal shelter
  • Children’s hospitals
  • Health related causes
  • Toy Drive
  • Red Cross
  • Animal Welfare Charity
goes a long way

This year especially, consider a personalized note, drawing, paw print, or craft to give your heartfelt appreciation