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Small Business Guide for Coronavirus Relief

Updates and tools for local businesses navigating the crisis

Latest updates for local businesses

Help for your biggest questions

Find information and articles to help you manage a local business during the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19)

How will recent disaster legislation and news impact my business?

How to use Nextdoor to stay connected to your neighborhood

Move your business online

Your most invested customers, your neighbors, want to hear from you. Keep them updated on business hours, new business offerings, and let them know about any special deals you’re running by creating a free Business Page on Nextdoor.
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Share new business offerings

Many businesses have had to make major changes to their operations during the coronavirus crisis. Share links to gift cards, fundraising campaigns, or takeout/delivery options on your page.

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Engage with local customers for free

Business Posts help start the conversation with the neighborhood. Engage 1:1 to answer questions, gather feedback, keep the relationship going, and draw in new customers.

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Create a local business group in your area

Community is more important than ever right now. Strengthen your network with other neighborhood business owners sharing learnings and offering support.

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Partner resources

Small business resources from Nextdoor's partners to help you get back to business

More small business resources

Resources so you can find the information you need

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Do you own a local business? What are your biggest challenges? Lessons and advice you have? How is your neighborhood supporting you? Tell us so we can create content that is most helpful to you.

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