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Sign up

To sign up, visit to complete the sign up flow and select “Create a New Business.”

Your Nextdoor Ads Manager account is where you’ll manage your audiences, creative and ads. Additionally, you’ll have access to a range of features like performance tracking, user permissions and billing management.

You’ll be guided through four steps to create your ads.

Campaign set up
This is the top level of your campaign and where you will set your objective
Ad Group set up
Here you will select your ad placements, target audience, bid, daily budget, duration and delivery schedule for your campaign
Ad set up
Build out your creative and copy for your ads in Newsfeed (native), For Sale & Free section (deal or product highlights), or Right Hand Rail (desktop only)
Review and publish
When you are finished creating your campaign, ad group, and ad, review all of the details and update as needed before publishing
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Automatic Payments enable you to spend incrementally as activity progresses

Payment will be automatic, and you’ll be billed once you reach your billing threshold, or upon your monthly billing date, whichever comes first. 

Business settings

Control how you set up your business and manage all administrative tasks, in the Nextdoor Ads Manager Business Settings tab.  

Business Settings is where you can: manage which teams and users have access to each account, add or remove user access, update your billing methods for each advertiser, and create new advertisers.

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The dashboard will allow you to see an overview  of the status and performance of your campaigns, ad groups and specific ads.

This is also where you can toggle on or off your  campaigns, ad groups, and ads, and where you can view spend and metrics over any given time frame.


Optimize your ad performance by using your customer data to reach current customers that are active on Nextdoor.

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Access reporting from the top nav of every screen within Nextdoor Ads Manager, to review performance of campaigns, ad groups, and ads across your entire account.

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