Connect with residents by using sophisticated, local targeting

Target residents based on demographics, psychographics, behavior, and zip codes

Expand beyond your jurisdiction, targeting as broad as needed with guaranteed impressions

Track performance, location specific budgets and spend

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Where will your Ads be seen?

Native Ad placements integrate your Ads into the heart of the Nextdoor experience.

Newsfeed - Reach neighbors via sponsored posts surrounded by relevant content

For Sale & Free - A contextually relevant, trusted, and high-intent marketplace

Digest - A summary of top posts from a Neighbor’s newsfeed

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Personalize creative to optimize for performance

Deliver dynamic ad experiences that are personalized based on a resident’s address

Content & Create

Location-specific personalization of ad copy and dynamically updated creative

Geographic targeting

Pinpoint targeting within as little as a 1-mile radius at as many locations as you like

Campaign management

Location-specific budget and spend management as well as performance reporting

Reach residents who live inside or outside your service area

Managed service:

  • Utilize our full ad suite, including video & carousel, to showcase your message in an engaging format
  • Tap Nextdoor’s advertising experts to set-up, optimize, and report on campaign performance.
  • Access additional measurement studies
  • Make use of Sponsorships & Takeovers

Self service:

  • Fully own & manage your campaigns from ads to budgeting & targeting directly in Nextdoor’s Neighborhood Ad Center
  • Access our most popular ad solutions to reach your target audience
  • No monthly minimums or fees required for onboarding & consulting
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Creative Specs

Use Sponsored Posts to engage with your audience at a national scale

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