Brand safety
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Our mission is to establish an inclusive platform where every neighbor can participate and share, recognizing the value in every voice.

Explore how we're creating a safe and positive experience for users and brands alike.

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Human moderators, machine learning and smart AdTech support our efforts creating kind conversations 


All neighbors commit to our Community Guidelines and Good Neighbor Pledge (pictured) which include expectations for respect and civility. We have a strict content removal policy; content, posts and comments that violate our guidelines have multiple paths to removal.


200,000+ human, in-neighborhood community moderators bring local context and speed to content review. In addition, our global Neighborhood Operations team is available around the clock to take immediate action on content that’s flagged from moderators and our tech/AI solutions.


Low-civility-scoring and flagged  content is automatically suppressed in the feed by filters and tags our Nextdoor Team regularly audits. In-app features like Kindness Reminders and generative AI copy automatically encourage neighbors to reconsider posting negative comments, even proactively assisting neighbors with kinder suggestions and edits.

Reporting & Blocking We’ve implemented strategic brand safety partnerships with trusted industry solutions like Oracle Moat to support categorizing content against the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) framework. As a result, we can apply pre-bid blocking based on an advertiser's unique specifications for category and severity, with always-on reporting against all GARM categories/severity levels. Keyword blocking is available for advertisers for extra layers of brand protection.

Our brand safety timeline and results

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Generative AI supporting kind conversation

Nextdoor saw a 36% reduction in uncivil comments with the kindness reminder prompts.

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Nextdoor Transparency Report

In 2022, we began producing our annual Transparency Report, reflecting our commitment towards fostering trust with our global neighbors.

Our latest 2024 report serves as an in-depth journey through our content moderation and enforcement practices, showcasing the actions we undertake to nurture a secure and welcoming space-both online and offline. 

At Nextdoor, we strongly believe in maintaining an open conversation with our users, and offer insights into how we keep neighborhood communities free of harm and full of respect. 

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Nextdoor AI in advertising

Just as important as the conversation, is making sure our advertisers can confidently connect with our community, prioritizing brand safety via innovative features and partnerships.

We leverage AI and keyword monitoring to enrich user experiences and combat inappropriate content, ensuring positive interactions for users and brands alike. 

We’ve also teamed up with leading tech companies, including Oracle, to enhance ad safety.

  • Our partnership with Oracle incorporates Oracle Moat’s solutions onto our platform, ensuring ads are displayed in safe and relevant environments. This safeguards advertisers’ reputations and ensures their message is seen and respected by the community.
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Brand safety roadmap + building partnerships on trust

As we chart the course for our future, enhancing brand safety remains our focus.

Our roadmap includes:

  • Educating our community to better understand and report inappropriate content.
  • Amplifying our AI capabilities to counter emerging threats.
  • Regularly updating our keyword lists to filter out potential harm.
  • Engaging deeper with our moderators to foster an environment conducive to safe, respectful and relevant conversations.
  • Onboarding third-party solutions trusted by our brands and advertisers.

We don't just care about the safety of our community – we equally value the safety of the brands that partner with us.

When you advertise with Nextdoor, we want to ensure that your brand value is amplified through an environment that mirrors your commitment to trust and safety.

Our brand safety policy is more than just preventing inappropriate content, it’s about enhancing the reputation of the brands we work with and ensuring the most beneficial exposure.

At Nextdoor, safety for everyone – our neighbors, and our brand partners – is not just a mission, but our driving purpose. Let’s create safe communities and strong brands, together.

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