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Advertising creative specs and guidelines

Use Sponsored Posts to engage with your audience at a national scale

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  • Mobile feed
  • Desktop feed
  • Email digest
  • Neighborhood Extension
Mobile feed -1

Mobile feed

When developing Sponsored Posts for mobile, keep in mind that the screens are smaller. Only the first 90 characters of your body copy will appear until the viewer expands the post.

Desktop feed

Desktop feed

More text is visible before the viewer needs to expand the copy, but it’s best to still plan your copy around the mobile view.

Email digest-1

Email digest

Your Sponsored Post will run in the email digest. These posts drive users directly to your site, so consider an engaging image to give members a reason to learn more.

Neighborhood extension-3

Neighborhood Extension

Your Sponsored Post will run on publisher sites across various formats like native, banners, and pre-roll.


  • Advertiser name
  • Subject line
  • Body copy
  • Post image
  • Offer text
  • CTA
slide-1-Adv. name - uk-1

Advertiser name

Share your brand name at the top of the ad.

  • All ad units: 25 characters max
slide-2-Subject line - uk-1

Subject line

Summarize your message with a compelling, conversational subject line. Write the way you’d talk to a neighbor, avoiding slogans, taglines or symbols. The subject line is your chance to entice people to read more about what you offer, so make every word count. Use sentence case.

  • Display & Video: 70 characters max
  • Email: 50 characters max
  • Neighborhood Extension: 25 characters max
  • For Sale & Free: Price
Body copy-2

Body copy

Use body text to expand on your message and detail the value you provide as a presence in the neighborhood. Lead with the most important information, since the body copy will sometimes be truncated depending on the post’s placement.

  • Display & Video: 90 characters before truncation | 800 characters max
  • Email: 90 characters max
  • Neighborhood Extension: 90 characters max
  • For Sale & Free: 45 characters max
slide-4-Post image - uk-1

Post image

Get people’s attention with an expressive image that complements your text and illustrates the value of your product or service. Choosing an image that includes real people or places will help your post fit in with other posts on Nextdoor. Avoid white backgrounds to ensure visibility of the offer text and CTA button.
  • Display: Large image: 1200 x 628 or  | Small image: 250 x 250 | <1 MB | JPEG or PNG
  • Video: 16:9 Ratio | 3-120 Seconds | 50 MB Max file size |1200 x 675 Thumbnail | MOV or MP4
  • Email: Small image: 250 x 250
  • Neighborhood Extension (Display): Large image: 1200 x 627 | Small image (optional): 627 x 627 | Logo: 100x100
  • Neighborhood Extension (Video): 16:9 Ratio | 3-120 Seconds | 1 GB Max File size | Back up Image 1200 x 627 | VAST or MP4
  • For Sale & Free: Desktop min size: 218 x 182px | Ratio: 1:1.19 | Mobile min size: 178 x 184 | Ratio: 1:0.96
slide-5-Offer text - uk-1

Offer text

The offer text is designed to encourage people to take an action. You might summarize a special deal or preview what someone can get by clicking through. Only available on native display and video.

  • Display and Video only: 50 characters max | Sentence case
slide-6-CTA - uk-1


Use a one-word or two-word verb phrase that indicates the destination of the action. For example, a “Sign up” button should link to your signup page. Use standard English without abbreviations or slang.

  • Display, video and email: 10 characters max
  • Neighborhood extension: 15 characters max
  • For Sale & Free: 13 characters max

CTA examples:ctas-1



These guidelines are designed to help you understand what content may or may not be marketed on the Nextdoor sites and go hand-in-hand with (but do not increase) the rights afforded to you under your agreement with Nextdoor.

Act like a neighbor

We’re a platform based on the neighborhood and expect our brands to act like good neighbors. 

Be respectful of other people’s (intellectual) property and privacy rights
  • Don’t infringe upon or violate the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, publicity or privacy rights
  • You cannot include a member’s information or their posted content in your ad without member consent
  • Ads cannot imply you know a member's demographic information (e.g. age, income, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, criminal record, financial status, military status, disability, physical and mental health condition) or psychographic information (e.g. personality traits, attitudes, beliefs, preferred activities, interests, political affiliations)
Be clear, consistent, and true to your brand
  • Your ad image, content and landing page need to be consistent with one another
  • The landing page must relate to your ad
Don’t be deceptive, dishonest or spammy
  • Be clear about your products or services to make sure members are aware of what they’re engaging with or buying
  • Don’t make false promises or exaggerated claims about your products or services 
  • Don’t use clickbait to lure a member to unrelated content
Be clear about your affiliation with Nextdoor
  • Do not suggest that Nextdoor or its affiliates endorses your advertising messages
Certain topics don’t belong in the neighborhood and are restricted
  • Promote or contain adult products, services or content
  • Promote, constitute, facilitate or condone illegal goods, services or activities
  • Make false, misleading or deceptive claims 
  • Aim to mislead people about the time, place, means or eligibility requirements for voting in an election or participating in a census, or otherwise discourage participation in an election or census
  • Contain political content
    • Ads pertaining to political process and civic engagement may be sold separately to select government agencies. Please contact Nextdoor for more details. 
  • Pertain to sensitive health topics 
  • Promote sale or use of tobacco, marijuana, drugs or related paraphernalia 
  • Promote sale or use of weapons and weapons related accessories, including ammunition 
  • Promote sale, use or distribution of alcohol or gambling products or activities, these are subject to restrictions as noted below.
    • Ads that promote or reference alcohol are only allowed with Nextdoor's prior written permission. Ads must comply with all applicable laws as well as industry codes, guidelines, licenses and consents/approvals. Note that ads promoting or referencing alcohol are prohibited in some countries. 
    • Ads that promote or facilitate gambling, paid games of skill or lotteries are only allowed with Nextdoor's prior written permission. Authorized gambling, games or skill or lottery ads must target people 18 years or older who are in jurisdictions for which permissions have been granted to your and Nextdoor. 
  • Discriminate or encourage discrimination against people based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, family status, disability or medical condition
  • Have the purpose or effect of intimidating, scaring, harming or harassing others or that depict violence, inappropriate conduct, self harm or excessive physical activities

Be a helpful addition to the neighborhood

Your post image, text and URL, are all opportunities to get people’s attention and illustrate the unique benefits of your brand, product, or service. Use relevant content to ensure your ad is helpful.

Image need to be clear and relevant to the neighborhood
  • Choosing a lifestyle image that includes real people or places will ensure your ad is relevant to a member's feed
  • Logos can be tastefully incorporated into the creative via part of the lifestyle image
    • Large logos added as an overlay will not be accepted.
  • Text overlay and taglines are discouraged. We recommend an image without text. Text overlays may not: 
    • Take up more than ⅓ of the image
    • Be used to explain what the image is or how it relates to the body copy
    • Share promo details or a portion of a circular - this information should be included in the header and copy
  • No blurry images
  • Images should be real, not heavily photoshopped or made to look fake
  • Avoid white backgrounds which blend into the background of the Sponsored Posts
Some image or video creative is not for the neighborhood and are restricted
  • Sexually suggestive
  • Offensive or profane
  • Violent
  • Insensitive 
  • Otherwise prohibited under these guidelines 


Text should be clear and authentic
  • Be respectful, professional and clear
  • Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Do not use emojis or symbols, including parentheses
  • All context should be laid out clearly
  • Avoid hashtags 
Landing pages should not have any surprises
  • Ensure URLs are valid and lead to functioning sites
  • Content on the landing page must be accessible without requiring a login
  • Landing pages and their content may not be designed to look like they were created by Nextdoor nor that the posting party is affiliated with, endorsed by or a partner or Nextdoor without our express written permission and prior approval. Where use of Nextdoor branding and/or logos is approved, the media assets and branding guidelines available at must be followed. 
Contest and sweepstakes
  • Promotions must include a clear set of legal rules, clearly identifying you (not Nextdoor) as the sponsor and provide a link to your privacy policy
  • You are responsible for ensuring that your ad, legal rules, and privacy policy comply with relevant laws and regulations

Nextdoor’s community and privacy

We reserve the right to reject or remove any ad on Nextdoor that we believe may have a negative impact on our members or our business. We check images, text, targeting, positioning and the content on your ad's landing page. We may not approved if your ad doesn't function fully, match product/service promoted or doesn't otherwise comply with these guidelines or applicable law.

Data and privacy rules must be followed
  • You are responsible for ensuring that your data and privacy practices are compliant with all relevant laws and regulations
  • The landing page from your ad must include a prominent link to your privacy policy
  • Your privacy policy should provide consumers with opt-out instructions, as applicable

These guidelines are subject to change by us at any time, without notice.