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Nextdoor Discusses Community Brand Building at Advertising Week New York

Oct 15, 2019 • Written by Nextdoor Enterprise Team

Tatyana Mamut, Head of Product at Nextdoor, was invited to join a panel during Adweek, discussing the importance of brand strategies in building connectedness with their customers through community. 

Nextdoor, the neighbourhood hub for the community, plays a very important role in this opportunity for brands. “[Nextdoor] makes sure that everyone who comes to our platform is an actual human being at a verified address, so that we know that the people that you’re talking to on the app are actually people who live in your neighbourhood who share your common place,” Mamut said. “Therefore, we built on the power of proximity to drive the local connection.” Sponsored Posts on Nextdoor allow brands to authentically integrate themselves into neighbour conversations. “When [a company] has these personal, intimate connections and [they’re] coming into a space where people are already recommending brands, [they’re] much more likely to get that pickup through organic conversation,” Mamut said. 

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