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By Miles

By Miles Helped Lower-Mileage Drivers Find A Better Car Insurance Policy


By Miles is simple, straightforward car insurance that lets you pay by the mile. They were looking to increase brand awareness and generate qualified leads among their target audience of lower-mileage drivers who would benefit from their pay-by-mile policy.


By Miles partnered with Nextdoor, where all members have confirmed addresses, to target households of lower-mileage drivers based on their location using Sponsored Posts. Using Nextdoor’s data, By Miles targeted specific neighbourhoods in South East England and Manchester with creative that rotated multiple images to appeal to different audiences, along with detailed information about their insurance benefits and a CTA to get a quote. By Miles used Nextdoor’s Local substitution tool to personalize their Sponsored Posts with the name of the neighbourhood to create a deeper connection with their audience.

“We chose Nextdoor because it enabled us to reach specific local neighbourhoods at scale where we know lower mileage drivers can benefit from a pay-by-mile car insurance policy. It's really important to us that we're advertising in a trusted environment, and that we're confident that we're delivering our ads to people whose home address is accurate and verified. Nextdoor has proven to be a consistently effective lead generation channel for us for over the last six months.”

By Miles


By Miles’ Sponsored Posts campaign saw strong engagement with Nextdoor neighbours and generated qualified leads with their perfect customers.

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