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GoFundMe used Nextdoor to thank neighbours who had previously donated


above viewability benchmarks


total reach


GoFundMe—a leading community-powered fundraising platform chosen by over 100 million people—partnered with Nextdoor through their media agency, DEPT®,  to drive awareness and viewability for a recent brand campaign. 


GoFundMe, DEPT®, and Nextdoor worked together to coordinate campaign planning, creative recommendations, and optimisations during the run. Video Sponsored Posts were shown in the newsfeed to neighbours who had previously donated to a GoFundMe within the last two years. The video showed how acts of kindness in local communities collectively help millions and change the world. Three versions of a 30s video and three versions of a 60s video were tested to optimise for performance, along with three different copy variations. Ads that had a lower CTR during the run were paused to push spend to the best performers.


The campaign reached nearly 2M neighbours throughout its two-week-long flight. The 30s video creative drove the most traffic to the GoFundMe landing page, while the use of the term “neighbour” in the creative proved to be a successful engagement tactic. Our neighbours that fell into the following interest buckets were more likely to engage and convert: Caring for Aging Parents, Medical Health, Family & Relationships and Shopping.

When it came to viewability - the percentage of impressions where at least 50% of an ad was In-View for at least one continuous second - Nextdoor performed 22% above our viewability partner’s benchmark.

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