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Water Wipes drove top-of-funnel awareness by sponsoring Nextdoor’s annual Treat Map


above Nextdoor’s CTR benchmark


increase in Treat Map views YoY


Halloween is a major annual moment for Nextdoor, showcasing the value of the platform and connected communities to drive top-of-funnel growth. WaterWipes was eager to leverage Nextdoor's audience and capabilities to amplify their Halloween activation and drive awareness among new users. The brand joined Nextdoor as the sponsor for the 2023 Treat Map, an annual interactive guide that gives neighbors the ability to find which houses in their neighbourhood are taking part in Halloween festivities and rewarding trick-or-treaters. 


WaterWipes kicked off their campaign in Brooklyn, NY with a celebrity-driven nationwide Halloween activation featuring Kelly Rowland. The Halloween activation centred around “Hallowclean” machines in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Denver, which helped families keep their little monsters clean during their trick-or-treating adventures, all while integrating and promoting Nextdoor. 

As part of their national activation, WaterWipes directed their audience to the Treat Map as the primary way to discover their “Hallowclean” locations, driving existing + new neighbours to Nextdoor. The “Hallowclean” machine locations were pinned to the Treat Map to help neighbours find a machine near them and served as the primary tool for trick-or-treating families to find WaterWipes. 

Together with WaterWipes, we developed custom in-feed posts that launched in the weeks leading up to Halloween to drive excitement and help stay top of mind as neighbours prepare for Halloween. Nextdoor Sponsored Posts were used to help stand out in feed, while additional in-feed touchpoints, including the right-hand rail on Desktop and an email sent to neighbours promoting WaterWipes, pushed to the Treat Map. 

Continuing our Treat Map outreach efforts in the lead up to Halloween, Nextdoor placed broadcast coverage in local newsrooms across the country. WaterWipes also coordinated an interview for nationally syndicated entertainment program Access Hollywood with celebrity spokesperson Kelly Rowland. The segment aired in more than 35 of the top DMAs, including Los Angeles, Boston, Denver, Dallas, Washington, DC, Orlando, New York and Chicago. We also shared videos across social media promoting Treat Map. 


WaterWipes’ Halloween campaign proved to be successful across multiple metrics. The average CTR on Sponsored Posts performed 26% above Nextdoor’s benchmark, while the top performing piece of creative performed 60% above benchmark. The top performing creative showcased city substitution in the headline, a strong indicator for why it performed best. In particular, Female neighbours clicked the most, while neighbours in low-medium population areas engaged heavily with the ads. There was especially strong engagement among ages 55+ and 18-24. 

Furthermore, neighbours owning homes were likely to click on ads while recent movers of 3 months were high engagers. Neighbours with single family homes received the majority of impressions and neighbours earning up to $75K clicked the most.

The brand also worked with Nextdoor to run an Oracle Moat Analytics study to measure the following: 

  • Universal Interaction Rate: The percentage of impressions where a user entered the frame of the ad and remained active for at least 0.5 seconds.
  • Attention Quality: The percentage of impressions that converted from hovering to interacting.
  • In-View Rate: The percentage of impressions where at least 50% of an ad was In-View for at least one continuous second.
  • Hover Rate: The percentage of impressions resulting in a user hovering on an ad.

All four key areas exceeded their MOAT benchmark by a significant margin. The biggest increase against benchmark took place across Universal Interaction Rate, which exceeded the benchmark by 135%. In Attention Quality, the campaign performed 164% above MOAT benchmarks, in In-View Rate the campaign performed 29% above benchmark and in Hover Rate, the campaign performed 101% above MOAT benchmarks. 

"We were thrilled to team up with Nextdoor for this spook-tacular moment. The Treat Map played an essential role in WaterWipes helping parents embrace the best parts of Halloween!"

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