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Zoopla drove traffic to their site by speaking directly to Nextdoor homeowners


above CTR Benchmark


above VTR Benchmark


Zoopla wanted to raise awareness of their new product and drive traffic to their site. The new product allows neighbours and homeowners to get very accurate estimates on the value of their home.


Zoopla was able to speak to all different kinds of homeowners with static and video Sponsored Posts on Nextdoor. To maximise targeting efficiencies, homeowners were categorised into segments based on how long they’ve lived in their house. Zoopla utilised Nextdoor’s local substitution capabilities to update the neighbourhood name to further personalise their messaging and drive customers to visit the site to get their home value estimates. This also served as a way to encourage people to register to get more updates on their market.


Zoopla was successful at reaching new customers on Nextdoor and raising awareness for their product. The campaign averaged CTR’s 2x above campaign benchmarks and VTR 2x+ benchmarks.

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