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Nextdoor’s Public Agency platform helps you connect with real residents in real time.

Why Public Agencies rely on Nextdoor

A wide variety of Public Agencies — including governors, fire departments, police departments, and health departments — rely on Nextdoor to share critical information and engage with the communities they serve.

The Nextdoor Advantage

As the only platform with a built-in audience of verified residents, Nextdoor has become even more mission-critical for agencies and residents to connect with each other in communities across the country. Nextdoor provides you with the ability to engage neighbors in an entire municipality or geo-target communications to neighbors living in service areas such as districts and beats.

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Tap into the neighborhoods you serve

Share events, tips, or emergency alerts in critical situations.

Drive real impact with real people

People come to Nextdoor to receive trusted and local information
Reach neighbors right where they live
Build direct relationships with them and drive awareness in the community
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Deliver helpful, essential and timely information that matters

Unlock access to an automatic network without having to build a following with a Public Agencies Page
Geo-target your messages to specific neighborhoods/areas
Send emergency alerts or update an entire service area
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Reach the right audience with Nextdoor's Neighborhood Ad Center

Expand beyond your jurisdiction, targeting as broad as needed with guaranteed impressions
Target neighbors based on demographics, psychographics, behavior, and zip codes
Track performance, location specific budgets and campaign management
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