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How your team can leverage the power of Nextdoor

Thousands of public agencies use Nextdoor to create stronger communities. With a unique mapping feature that enables instant distribution to the people in your service area, public agencies can effectively communicate with verified residents.

Instantly reach your customers

Geotarget updates

Whether it’s a leak on one street or a city-wide blackout, ensure you get the right message to the people who need it.

See real-world results

Gain resident feedback with interactive polls, increase attendance at events and venues, and inspire residents to get involved.

Reach the right audience

Communicate with verified residents who live directly in your service area.

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Meet our partners

"Nextdoor has proven to be the most valuable interactive social media platform South Metro Fire Rescue utilizes from a fiscal and interpersonal perspective."

Eric Hurst

South Metro Fire Rescue

"Nextdoor is unique because you’re speaking directly to your neighbors. I brought Nextdoor to St. Louis because we needed to tap into the ideas within the communities and have a way for them to organize.”

Lewis Reed

City of St. Louis

"If people in my community don't know who we are, then we have a problem. Nextdoor has become my go-to form of communication with residents."

Corey Dobridnia

Walton County Sheriff

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