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Nextdoor Insights Series #6: The neighbourhood is the community you can count on

Nov 29, 2021 • Product Updates • Written by Nextdoor Enterprise Team

The latest installment of Nextdoor’s Insights series focuses on how neighbours are creating new kinds of social gatherings, supporting local businesses and looking for localisation and personalisation from brands. Read the full report here.

A recent survey of Nextdoor neighbours found that 73% say neighbours are their most important community. Connections continue to grow around the world, with active neighbours engaging on Nextdoor nearly four times a week.

Series highlights:

Neighbours are prioritizing proximity.


61% of neighbours have recently felt it’s more important to build connections in their neighbourhood vs. outside of their community. 30% of parents say meeting local parents with same-age children is a top reason they joined Nextdoor.

In-person gatherings are returning.


While 71% of neighbours are still uncomfortable attending large indoor events, they’re creating smaller social gatherings close to home. 60% have attended a social gathering in someone’s home or yard this year, and mentions of “block party” “yard wedding,” and “yard birthday” have risen significantly.

Self-care is essential.


Neighbours are prioritising their mental health by creating in-person gatherings and seeking in-person sources of support. These connections matter; Nextdoor’s global scientific study conducted by leading loneliness experts found that knowing as few as six neighbours reduces the likelihood of feeling lonely and is linked to lower depression, social anxiety, and financial concerns related to COVID-19.

Neighbours are on the move—literally.


In the past 18 months, 2 out of 3 neighbours on Nextdoor who moved have purchased a home. 47% say they moved to be in a more relaxing environment, while 37% moved for cost savings.

Also, 23% of neighbours have bought or leased a car in the past 18 months, with travel to recreational/outdoor activities being a top reason for purchase.

Neighbors expect more from brands.


U.S. neighbours are connecting with creative brand campaigns that offer personalisation and a local focus. While they’re shopping at all types of local businesses, Gen Z shoppers are more likely to support local home and garden stores and boutiques, and parents with younger children are more likely to look for local grocers.

When it comes to larger brands, this year Traeger Grills saw success with its contest focused on stories of neighbourhood kindness and “meaningful and flavorful moments.” Comcast offered a “New Mover’s Guide” to welcome recent movers to their new neighbourhoods. Localised messaging is essential; Nextdoor research shows that it drives 58% higher engagement.

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