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Costa Coffee drove in-store sales of its seasonal drinks during the holidays




above Nextdoor's video completion rate benchmarks


above Nextdoor’s video CTR benchmarks


Given that 1 in 3 neighbours frequently visit Costa Coffee1, Nextdoor provided an ideal environment for the brand to reach its target audience. Costa Coffee engaged with Nextdoor neighbours in the UK to highlight its seasonal drinks menu during the holidays and drive in-store traffic and sales. Moreover, the brand promoted its partnership with Toblerone and special offers. 


Costa Coffee leveraged both Display and Video Sponsored Posts in the newsfeed promoting its seasonal drinks to drive customers in store. The brand rotated creative in the newsfeed, including festive posts highlighting seasonal drinks on offer to drive customers in store and videos showcasing its partnership with Toblerone. Costa Coffee also included two limited time offers - one for £1 cake and another for a free drink, both of which performed exceptionally well. 


The seasonal creative resonated well with Nextdoor’s audience, reaching an average 96% over our newsfeed video CTR benchmark. The brand’s “free hot drink” video creative performed best of all, resulting in a CTR 364% over benchmark. The campaign performance peaked significantly when the ‘free hot drink’ creative was served. Additionally, the £1 cake offer saw the highest CVR engagement compared to the brand’s other offers.

Moreover, throughout Costa Coffee’s campaign, platform mentions of “Coffee Shop” experienced a 30% YoY growth from 2021 to 2022. Costa also worked with Nextdoor to run an Oracle Moat Analytics study to measure attention quality - the percentage of impressions that converted from hovering to interacting - and hover rate - the percentage of impressions resulting in a user hovering on an ad. In attention quality, the campaign performed 20% above Moat benchmarks and in hover rate, the campaign performed 19% above Moat benchmarks. 

"With branches located at the heart of local communities, Costa needed to ensure it was also front of mind for the people in these neighbourhoods. Nextdoor was therefore the ideal fit for showcasing special offers with its engaged local audiences, and immersive placements. The campaign was a resounding success in delivering app clicks and footfall to store, performing well above Moat benchmarks."

Dominic Carter Senior Associate Director, Paid Social, UK


GWI Core, UK, Q1-Q4 2022

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