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Virgin Active drove thousands of new sign ups


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Given that nearly half of Nextdoor neighbours in the UK consider themselves health, beauty and fitness enthusiasts1, Virgin Active - a popular chain of health clubs - sought to take advantage of Nextdoor’s high-intent audience and drive sign ups among new users between January and February 2023. The brand used a ‘new year new you’ type strategy to highlight the importance of seasonality and increase engagement. 


Virgin Active leveraged both In-App Digest - which offers neighbours a round up of the top posts in the feed - and Sponsored Posts in the newsfeed to reach neighbours in relevant context. 

The brand also worked with Nextdoor to run an Oracle Moat Analytics study to measure the following: 

  • Attention Quality: The percentage of impressions that converted from hovering to interacting

  • Viewability: The percentage of impressions where at least 50% of an ad was In-View for at least one continuous second

  • Hover Rate: The percentage of impressions resulting in a user hovering on an ad


Virgin Active’s Sponsored Posts averaged a CTR that was 29% above Nextdoor’s benchmark. Creative that utilised lifestyle imagery - specifically, in a gym setting - performed the best and resulted in the highest engagement.

Interestingly, all age groups were engaged with the campaign, all above a 0.5% CTR, while female neighbours over indexed and drove strong performance with a CTR of 0.5%.  

Measurement results from MOAT were also strong. In Attention Quality, the campaign performed 32% above MOAT benchmarks. In Viewability, the campaign performed 8% above benchmarks and in Hover Rate, it performed 23% above benchmarks. 

"Nextdoor was a great fit for localised targeting and reaching an engaged audience with a strong CTR. We were pleased to get our message across that there's something for everybody at Virgin Active."

Dipak Mistry Head of Performance Marketing
Source: GWI Core, UK, Q1-Q4 2022
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