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Hoover® drove nearly $2M in Add to Carts by reaching new movers on Nextdoor




more efficient CPA than benchmark


more efficient CPSV than benchmark


For more than 100 years, Hoover® has designed powerful, easy-to-use products that clean your entire home from floor to ceiling, and even the very air you breathe. As a household icon and one of the most trusted brands in America, Hoover® knows that it’s essential to continually innovate and find creative new marketing strategies to keep its status in a competitive market and deliver value to its customers.

In pursuit of finding new audiences and driving sales, Hoover® identified Nextdoor as an ideal place to reach homeowners and drive sales at online retailers like Walmart, Amazon and Target.


Hoover promoted their products through Sponsored Posts in the Newsfeed using both static and video creative to reach neighbours in relevant context and drive awareness and conversions. The brand used our 1P “New Movers” audience segment to target neighbours who had recently moved and applied the Nextdoor Pixel to measure landing and conversion page engagements (D2C). 

Additionally, Nextdoor worked with Foursquare to track in-store visits at local retailers as well as SmartCommerce’s Click 2 Cart® functionality to track purchases. Click2Cart® functionality makes it easy for consumers to add products into a digital cart from anywhere, collecting powerful data to optimise future marketing and gain insights around who’s driving volume and who is carting. 


Hoover®’s campaign proved to be successful across multiple metrics. By leveraging Nextdoor’s partnership with SmartCommerce - a shopping cart platform - we were able to measure click-to-cart to determine that the campaign produced an estimated ROAS of 2:1. 


Nextdoor also ran a Foursquare study to capture foot traffic from those who prefer to purchase in-store. The campaign beat Nextdoor’s CPSV benchmark for the Retail Home Improvement & Electronics category by 92%. 

Moreover, the campaign drove a significant increase in organic searches and mentions among exposed neighbours. Exposing neighbours to Hoover® ads changed their behaviors and led them to recommend and search household products to other neighbours, amplifying the brand’s organic presence on the platform. Following the campaign, Hoover® experienced a 46% lift in searches for “Hoover Vacuum” among neighbours exposed to the campaign compared to the preceding time period, and a 37% lift in mentions for “Hoover Vacuum” among those exposed to the campaign. 

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