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James Hardie consistently exceeded CPL goals in their top markets


below the brand's CPA/CPL goal


average frequency


The job of a homeowner is never done, and the experts at James Hardie believe that home is a sanctuary and a canvas for self-expression without compromise. James Hardie empowers homeowners and building professionals alike to achieve their dream home with premium quality solutions that enable endless possibilities for design and aesthetics, while also delivering trusted protection and long-lasting beauty.

Knowing that more than 3 in 4 neighbors on Nextdoor own homes1 and that Nextdoor users are 50% more likely than the average adult to plan a home renovation in the next 6 months1, James Hardie was confident that Nextdoor was the ideal place to promote its line of products to our audience of homeowners. 

Ultimately, James Hardie’s main goal was to drive new leads. Helping to determine the effectiveness of their ads, cost per lead (CPL) was selected as the campaign’s key KPI.


James Hardie and Nextdoor collaborated to test Newsfeed Display and Video Sponsored Posts to reach neighbours with the goal of targeting homeowners. The brand ran media in 7 key markets across the US, testing several types of creative to achieve the best CPL. 

“Nextdoor was one of the few partners to successfully expand its role for James Hardie and make an impact across the funnel. Performance consistently justified increased investment.”

Owen Miller Associate Director, Paid Social
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