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Tide helped small businesses navigate challenging times during COVID


CTR (4x higher than vertical benchmark)


Connect with small business owners and entrepreneurs, driving awareness of Tide services, account opens, and CTR.


Tide reached small business owners (and just as importantly, people considering making the leap to open a small business) with relevant and helpful messaging that revolved around finances. Tide provided Nextdoor members with content ranging from tips to starting a business with no capital, information on the best side businesses to start, and topical news about the UK government’s role in COVID-19 relief for the self-employed. All the Sponsored Posts were accessible, informative and encouraging, and the imagery was carefully selected to resonate with members living a new life in quarantine.


Nextdoor members were hungry for this type of timely, productive information and appreciated that a financial institution was so upfront with help. Tide set itself apart from the financial competition by providing useful tips for starting a business as well as relevant and up to date information for local small business during the COVID-19 crisis.


"Working with Nextdoor has been great for Tide, it has allowed us to reach a really relevant audience during the pandemic and deliver content that can support them and their businesses during challenging times. We've also been very impressed with the quality of traffic being driven from Nextdoor to the Tide site, with visitors from the channel consistently performing well above average for key metrics such as bounce rate and dwell time."

Paddy Green Paid Social Media Manager

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