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MSF generated donations to help Afghan people






worth of donations


Médecins Sans Frontières, also known as Doctors without Borders, and their medical teams are delivering vital medical care for the people of Afghanistan and surrounding countries, where the healthcare system is at breaking point following years of instability, lack of funding and conflict. To highlight this work and raise vital funds, MSF launched an Afghan Crisis Appeal.


MSF partnered with Nextdoor and utilised Sponsored Posts that targeted cities in the UK. They rotated multiple creative approaches that featured photographs from their medical efforts in Afghanistan. Local substitution in the CTA dynamically updated the neighbourhood name to create a more personal message for neighbours.


The campaign CTR was above Nextdoor benchmarks at 0.35%. More impressively, the £110 average CPA remained within brand goals throughout the campaign. Neighbours were inspired by the work MSF is doing and ended up donating more than £11,000 to the program through this Nextdoor initiative.

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