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Renault drove awareness of its new Megane E-Tech electric vehicle


above the industry benchmark for attention quality1


above the industry benchmark for viewability1


completed view-through rate2


Nextdoor neighbours in the U.K. are 26% more likely* to own an electric vehicle3 and, when it comes to specific auto models, Nextdoor neighbours are 16% more likely* to own a car or motorcycle by Renault3. Given Nextdoor’s high-intent audience, Renault sought to reach neighbours with relevant messaging in local context to advertise their Megane EV model. Their goal was two-fold: driving both awareness and sales.


Between June and July 2022, Renault ran Sponsored Video Posts in Nextdoor’s newsfeed to promote its all-new Megane E-Tech electric vehicle. Targeting neighbours in the greater London area, Renault rotated their video creative in two phases to minimise ad fatigue and improve engagement.


The Sponsored Posts creative resulted in nearly 3MM video views with a 12% completed view-through rate. Two age groups in particular (45-59 and 60+) drove above-average CTRs, while males drove the strongest engagement. The brand also worked with Nextdoor to run an Oracle Moat Analytics study to measure attention quality and viewability, leading to exceptional results. In attention quality - the percentage of impressions that converted from hovering to interacting - the campaign performed 111% above the industry benchmark. In viewability - the percentage of impressions where at least 50% of an ad was In-View for at least one continuous second - the campaign performed 22% above the industry benchmark.


*more likely than the average Internet user
1Source: Oracle Moat Analytics
2Source: Nextdoor internal data, July 2022
3Source: GWI Core, UK, Q1-Q4 2022

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