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Nextdoor neighbours love their furry friends and are already looking for businesses like yours


have one or two dogs in their household*


have one or two cats in their household*


have bought pet food or supplies in the last 30 days*

Easy pet services advertising at your fingertips, no matter your budget or busy schedule

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Reach pet owners based radius targeting

Drive 1:1 interactions with potential customers

With clients as cute as yours, you’ll want to share photos on your Business Page—when you do, your neighbours will be 61% more likely to engage with your posts. Reap the benefits of connecting with local animal lovers that will show their support for you. 75% of Nextdoor users have been swayed by suggestions from neighbours.

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Set up shop on Nextdoor to discover a network of neighbours searching for your services, whether you cater to furry or reptilian pets.

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Advertise a special promotion or offer to specific UK-based neighbourhoods or the whole city, to find new customers, drive traffic and increase sales. Deals starting from £1 only. 

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