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Tips to elevate your brand story and make your Business Page stand out

How to grow your local business with Nextdoor Local Deals: video tutorial

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Frequently Asked Questions

What business types are eligible for Nextdoor business?

Local business owners, casual service providers, and home service providers can all participate on Nextdoor. To list your business, first create or claim your Business Page that displays basic information about your business or services. If you offer casual goods or services (dog walking, babysitting) you will need official business documents to verify your Business Page in order to post messages to the nearby neighbourhood newsfeed. 

What are the benefits of joining Nextdoor as a business?

Nextdoor is the perfect place for businesses to connect with their most valuable, engaged, local clients. Share special offers and exclusive announcements to help connect directly with customers. Use this help article to quickly find tips on everything you need, from getting started to running ads on Nextdoor. Nextdoor Business Pages help local brands connect to their surrounding community and build their local reputation. Business owners can create Nextdoor Business Pages to advertise local deals, post to their neighbourhoods, sell gift cards, share take out links, and most importantly, engage with their nearby customers, their neighbours.

How to join Nextdoor as a business

To join Nextdoor business, you’ll need to claim your Business Page. You must be an owner, employee, or other authorised representative of the business.

1. Claim your Business Page.

2. Create an account or log in to an existing one to manage your new business page with the same email and password. If you are claiming a business page on your mobile device, we will automatically use the account you are currently signed in to.

3. Connecting your business and personal neighbourhood accounts will allow you to switch between both accounts without having to log out. Do not connect your personal Nextdoor account with your business account if you plan on sharing your business login information with authorised employees.

  • To create a new business account (not connected to your personal account), select ’Sign Up’ under the green login button.
  • To connect your new business account to your Personal Nextdoor account, sign in with your personal account email & password.
  • To add another business page to an existing business account, sign in with your existing business account email & password.
How to create a business page

Business information on Nextdoor comes from 3rd party public data, or Nextdoor members who’ve created a recommendation or comment for your business and are unable to find an existing page. If you’re unable to find your business page, please make sure when you search for your business that you use both the name and location.


If you don’t see your business page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue link that says ‘Not here? Create your business page.

How to post on Nextdoor as a business

Businesses can post to the neighbourhood newsfeed to share updates, crowdsource for requests and feedback, and draw in new customers. To post on Nextdoor as a business, follow the steps below, & check out our resource on Business Post tips & best practices:


1. Log in to your claimed Nextdoor Business Page.


2. Head to the Content tab of your business page.


3. Select create-plusnext to 'Create Post or Local Deal' and click create-pencil2 'Create Post'.


4. Enter a title which describes the post, followed by a detailed description.


5. Next we’ll show you a preview of your post. Select “view post” to preview how your post will appear in the neighbourhood newsfeed.


6. Finally select your audience by increasing or decreasing the radius around your business. You can also manually select or deselect specific neighbourhoods. Keep in mind if you do not select your own neighbourhood, you won’t be able to see your post from your member account.