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Introducing Nextdoor’s new Trends & Verticals Insights Hub

Oct 31, 2022 • Written by Nextdoor Enterprise Team

Nextdoor is excited to launch our new Trends & Verticals Insights Hub - the latest iteration of our Insights Hub, a destination for all of the latest neighborhood trends. Our insights offer a look at what's currently happening in neighborhoods and amongst neighbors to help brands and agencies stay informed and make data-driven decisions.

To capture these trends, we looked at internal data, polled Nextdoor neighbors about what matters most to them, and worked with third party research partners, including GWI. 

Some highlights and recent trends from the Insights Hub here:

Holiday Shopping Trends
  • 42% of Nextdoor users will have a higher budget than last year, compared to 37% of general population (+14%)1
  • 26% of Nextdoor users are planning to celebrate with neighbors, compared to 15% of the general population1
Moving Trends
  • Nextdoor users are 49% more likely than users on other social platforms to plan on putting their home up for sale in the next 6 months2
  • 65% of moves between April and June 2022 didn't involve Nextdoor users changing their designated market area (DMA)3
Home Renovation Trends
  • Compared to other platforms, Nextdoor users are 49% more likely to plan on undertaking a home renovation project4
  • 56% of Nextdoor users are considering a renovation within the next year1

Read these and other Nextdoor insights here. For questions or future ideas for insights reach out to

1Nextdoor Survey (08/2022)
2GWI USA (Q1 2022)
3Nextdoor Internal Data (Q2 2022)
4GWI USA (Q1 2022 - Q2 2022)

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