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The neighborhood network

Nextdoor is where brands connect to the neighborhoods that matter to them, and to people in the place where they are looking to get things done.

Our neighbors are key household decision makers.

Source: Internal Nextdoor data

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Real People

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Neighborhoods, Everywhere

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Success stories

A pet insurance brand targeted pet owners to drive awareness and consideration

The joint efforts between Thumbtack and Nextdoor has resulted in a 2x increase in search revenue and 134% increase in iROAS

Nextdoor drove double-digit lift in brand awareness for one of America’s leading health care providers

Blog for brands and agencies

Supercharging local advertising: Taradel & Nextdoor partnership

Xero drove significant brand consideration by partnering with Nextdoor for their first local business awards, Neighbourhood Faves

Nextdoor users lead the charge with 71% vaccination planning rate [Insights from Nextdoor]

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