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Celebrate Father’s Day with Nextdoor

Apr 7, 2023 • News and Press • Written by Nextdoor Enterprise Team

This year, Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18 and what better time to put your brand front and center. With 63% of Nextdoor neighbours identifying as parents, your brand is primed to reach your target audience this Father’s Day. Using personalised messaging based on neighbours’ location, help neighbours show their gratitude and appreciation for all the father figures in their lives.

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Stay top-of-mind while neighbours are planning and shopping for Father’s Day. Below are a few ways you can help neighbours in their local communities celebrate Father’s Day:

Drive offline and online conversions 

  • Highlight information on the nearest store, such as trending gifts or Father’s Day deals
  • Link to a pre-filled cart to easily drive conversions

Include your brand in the planning

  • Share gift and treat recommendations based on known location, lifestyle, and behaviors
  • Highlight celebration ideas, whether it’s in person or virtual
  • Offer an exclusive deal to influence neighbours

Engage with your audience

  • Spread Father’s Day kindness across the country, encouraging neighbours to nominate standout Fathers (and Dad-like figures) in the community for the chance to be rewarded by your brand
  • Tell a story through Carousel, highlighting all the reasons we love Dad and all the fun ways to celebrate this year 

From sharing recommendations for tools, gadgets and other items to tips on planning a backyard BBQ get-together with family and friends, there are countless opportunities to engage your audience through Nextdoor. 

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*Source: Nextdoor internal data; GWI Core, Q1-Q3 2022


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