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Support Nextdoor Neighbours During Spring Cleaning Season

Jan 18, 2023 • News and Press • Written by Nextdoor Enterprise Team
Support Nextdoor Neighbors During Spring Cleaning Season

Once winter officially comes to an end, it’s time to get started on spring cleaning – an annual tradition for neighbours everywhere. Nextdoor neighbours are extremely enthusiastic about spring cleaning, with conversations starting on the platform as early as March. 

From cleaning supplies and services to yard sales, neighbours discuss a variety of spring cleaning-related topics. More specifically, over three-quarters of all cleaning-related conversations on the platform are about donations or cleaning services1. Reach neighbours already in an active mindset by advertising your brand or product in For Sale & Free - a contextually relevant, trusted, and high-intent marketplace within the newsfeed.



Support neighbours in their spring cleaning efforts with some ideas below:

Tips & solutions

Compile solutions to the most frequently asked spring cleaning questions related to your brand’s products and services


Create a to-do list that neighbours can use to conquer spring cleaning goals in a manageable way. Inspire neighbours by highlighting popular projects based on geography.

Neighbourhood discount

Incentivize neighbours to shop in-store or online for their spring cleaning needs by offering a Nextdoor-specific discount code

Learn more about how Nextdoor helps businesses convert neighbours into customers here:


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