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Reach neighbours in all types of relationships this Valentine's Day

Dec 18, 2023 • Written by Nextdoor Enterprise Team

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there’s no one way to celebrate. Neighbours show their love in lots of different ways. Whether neighbours are looking for love, wanting to get a gift for someone special or planning to celebrate with friends, Nextdoor is the perfect place to reach consumers across multiple life stages and in all types of relationships. 

  • 60% are married or in a relationship1
  • 40% of neighbours are single, divorced or widowed1

Reach neighbours based on major life transitions with timely messaging and Valentine’s Day date ideas related to a recent life change, such as a relaxing date night for new parents or by sharing the best spots in town for recent movers. Use local substitution to share information about your neighbourhood restaurant location, including address, hours, and special Valentine’s Day menu items or deals.

If you’re a brand interested in influencing purchase intent, look no further than Nextdoor. When it comes to purchasing items or experiences, neighbours choose to spend their money on the following (all great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day!):

UK valentines-blog

As neighbours plan their Valentine’s Day celebrations and purchases, encourage them to think of each other, while keeping your brand top-of-mind:

Take the worry out of gift shopping: Offer gift ideas for key audiences through tailoured gift guides. Link Sponsored Posts directly to a pre-filled cart with suggested items to make purchasing easy.

Offer special incentives: Share a special Valentine’s Day discount for neighbours to use and share with other neighbours.

Help plan the ultimate Valentine’s Day: Share ideas and inspiration on how to celebrate, whether it’s with a significant other, friends or neighbours.

Send some love: Drive discovery of a custom site that encourages neighbours to share who they would like to send some love to with the help of your brand — such as a neighbour, family member, or friend.

Learn more about how Nextdoor helps businesses convert neighbours into customers here:


1Source: GWI November 2023  Zeitgeist, UK


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