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Leafguard gives Nextdoor neighbours a reason to stay off their ladders


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below CPA goals for best performing creative


Gutter guards are an important investment to properly maintain the integrity of your home against harsh weather and costly water-related damages. Without a gutter guard protection system, open gutters can collect leaves, twigs, insects, pollen and other types of debris. Not to mention the dangers of ladder-related accidents which LeafGuard eliminates. In their campaign Leafguard looked to 1. Drum up awareness across various markets 2. Drive form completions for a special offer and 3. Optimise toward a $200 CPA.


Sponsored Posts targeting helped reach neighbours in key markets including Charlotte, Seattle, South Georgia, Utah, and West New York. Leafguard reached members in their neighbourhood feed where home improvement is top-of-mind and Leafguard's message was surrounded by contextual relevance.


Leafguard piqued the interest of Nextdoor homeowners, particularly in rural and suburban neighbourhoods. Creative around time and safety performed best - achieving CPAs well below Leafguard’s target of $200.

The “Take Your Time Back” Newsfeed creative messaging strongly appealed to those busy body (West) New Yorkers ($157.64 CPA), while Digest creative messaging reminded South Georgian’s to “Do What Matters! Stay Off Your Ladders” resonated with their safety ($189.86 CPA).

“Nextdoor, has been such a pleasure to work with. They really helped us ease into this partnership and identify the best campaign strategy for our brand. Nextdoor has made it really easy to update our ads and grow into more territories. We are really excited for what’s to come from our continued partnership.”

Tara Patullo Media Specialist

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