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Thumbtack drove awareness among recent movers by sponsoring Nextdoor’s Neighborhood Spot for New Movers


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Given that Nextdoor neighbors are 46% more likely* to put their current home / apartment up for sale in the next six months1 and 34% more likely* to complete the sale of their current home / apartment in the next six months1, Thumbtack turned to Nextdoor to take advantage of this high-intent audience by driving awareness and brand-building. Thumbtack and Nextdoor teamed up to welcome new neighbors to the neighborhood with Nextdoor’s quarterly Neighborhood Spot for New Movers. The goal of the Neighborhood Spot for New Movers is to provide recent movers with relevant tips and resources to help with their move. Together, Thumbtack and Nextdoor offered tips to new movers to get settled, along with neighborhood favorites and top-rated local pros to help make moving a little easier.


As the exclusive sponsor of the Neighborhood Spot for New Movers, Thumbtack drove neighbors to visit a custom site via Sponsored Posts in the newsfeed and In App Digest, as well as a dedicated ‘welcome’ email. The Neighborhood Spot for New Movers served as a one-stop-shop for all important tips and resources as neighbors settled into their new homes.


Collectively, the Neighborhood Spot for New Movers performed exceptionally well. Nextdoor beat revised projections for traffic to the custom site, over-delivered on email opens by nearly 8X and over-delivered on clicks by 6X. Over the course of Q4, Nextdoor maintained a high iROAS and ended the quarter with a ROAS that was 11% above goal.

*more likely than the average Internet user
1GWI USA, Q2 2022-Q1 2023
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