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Verisure generated new leads by targeting homeowners with Sponsored Posts


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Verisure is a home security company that operates in 16 countries worldwide.  They offer 24/7 monitoring, the fastest response time in the UK and installation within 24 hours.  Verisure was looking to drive customers through the purchasing funnel from awareness through to conversion.  The primary goal was to generate new leads, appointments and ultimately sales of their home security system. 


Verisure leveraged Nextdoor Sponsored Posts and Email Digest ads targeted to homeowners in the UK.  The campaign utilised 4 creative assets for Sponsored Posts that were designed to drive performance and lead generation.  The Email Digest ads were designed to maximise brand awareness and optimised across 3 creatives.  Nextdoor monitored performance and ensured there were creative refreshes as needed to keep the campaign at optimal performance levels.

“We chose Nextdoor because it enabled us to reach confirmed householders on a national scale, in their local neighbourhood context. It's important that we're advertising in a trusted environment and to relevant consumers who have been verified by their home address. Nextdoor has proven to be a consistently effective lead generation channel for Verisure.” 

Daniel Valensi  Head of Lead Generation


Verisure’s campaign was successful at driving leads at a low cost.  The average CPL came in 33% below the benchmark set by Verisure.  Newsfeed Ads had an average CTR of .51%, drove 3,012 leads and CPL of £21.  The Email Digest format generated 554 leads and had a CPL of £34.

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