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Nextdoor at Advertising Week New York

Nov 7, 2022 • Written by Nextdoor Enterprise Team

After two years of virtual events, Advertising Week New York was back and bigger than ever. This year, Nextdoor hosted and participated in several activations during Advertising Week New York (October 17-20, 2022). See the recap below.

The Big Neighborhood MeetUp Lunch

In honor of Neighbor Month this September, Nextdoor encouraged and helped neighbors learn how to set up Neighborhood MeetUps to bring people together in their local communities and encourage neighbor-to-neighbor connections and kindness. 

Together with Verizon, we hosted #BigNeighborhoodMeetUp events in four cities across the country: Houston, Chicago, Raleigh and Oakland. Neighbors in each city were invited to an afternoon of fun, food and connection, to build kinder, stronger neighborhoods. In addition, as part of the campaign Nextdoor and Verizon funded research executed by which confirmed the kindest and most impactful acts of kindness for neighbors.

At Advertising Week New York, we hosted a special lunch for the fifth and final Big Neighborhood MeetUp in partnership with Verizon. The goal of the lunch was to spark conversation about the impact of kindness among the advertising community.  Kindness has been a very clear theme in 2022 and the lunch served as a great opportunity for advertisers to consider how they can prove their value to communities and share how they’re helping foster kindness. 

Panel Session:  How Kindness Enables Connections and Strengthens Communities

Following the lunch, we participated in a panel discussion on How Kindness Enables Connections and Strengthens Communities on the Innovation Factory Stage at Advertising Week New York. Emma Mondolino, Head of Nextdoor Create, joined the stage with Andrew Testa from Verizon along with Jaclyn Lindsey and Oliver Scott Curry from to discuss the impact of kindness in the community. A simple act of kindness can truly go a long way especially when building neighbor-to-neighbor connections with those nearby. In a recent Nextdoor user survey, 73% of respondents reported that their neighbors are the most important community, with 61% feeling it’s more important to build connections in their neighborhood versus outside of their community. We dove into the power, impact, and significance of kindness. We also shared what this looks like for our neighbors on Nextdoor and how Verizon encouraged and enabled neighbor connections in their recent activation: The Big Neighborhood MeetUp.


Brand Innovators: Future of Consumer Engagement 

In addition to the lunch and the panel at Advertising Week New York, we also joined Brand Innovators at their Marketing Leadership Summit where we participated in a panel about the future of consumer engagement. 

Successful customer engagement creates meaningful connections that build deep relationships between consumers and brands, which lead to customer preference and loyalty.  To that end, Emma Mondolino joined Mike Perlman, CRO of TVision Insights, in a panel moderated by Katie Daire, Senior Director, Consumer Marketing at DoorDash.

In the session, Emma and Mike discussed the different ways in which consumers interact with media and brands to make those meaningful connections. Watch the full discussion here.

For more on what we've learned from neighbors on Nextdoor, check out our Insights Hub.

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