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Nextdoor delivered meaningful brand lift insights to a major insurance company as measured by Lucid

Aug 2, 2022 • Written by Nextdoor Enterprise Team

Since 2021, Nextdoor has closely partnered with Lucid, a Cint Group Company - a survey-based programmatic marketplace - to measure the effectiveness of our advertising solutions. Lucid’s flexible and cost-effective brand lift solutions have allowed Nextdoor to offer studies to an even wider range of our customers. To date, Nextdoor has launched over 50 Lucid brand lift studies across many verticals, which has helped the team showcase the value that Nextdoor brings to any media plan.

For example, an insurance company ran a national awareness campaign targeting eligible customers for nearly two months and wanted to understand their campaign’s performance. To measure the effectiveness of the campaign, Nextdoor added a Lucid brand lift study. 

The brand’s primary KPI was Brand Awareness, but as a result of the Lucid study, we were also able to capture data for the client’s secondary KPIs: Ad Recall, Message Association, Brand Recommendation, Brand Consideration, and Brand Favorability. With Lucid’s custom measurement solution, the client saw exceptional results with the majority being statistically significant at a 90% confidence level.   

Read more about how Nextdoor has been partnering with Lucid to measure performance and deliver results.

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