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Nextdoor neighbors come for the community and stay for the utility

Sep 9, 2022 • Written by Nextdoor Enterprise Team

Consumers today want to buy products and services based on recommendations from people they trust.  Nextdoor is the only platform where neighbors can access hyper-local recommendations and perspectives, facilitating real-world transactions offline, via connections made online.

In fact, when we asked neighbors why they use Nextdoor, 85% say to find trusted reviews / recommendations. This increases to 91% among neighbors who say they trust other neighbors on Nextdoor*. 71% of Nextdoor neighbors say they use Nextdoor to see what's trending / being talked about*. 63% of Nextdoor neighbors say they use Nextdoor to find like-minded community / interest groups and another 63% of Nextdoor neighbors say they use Nextdoor to share / discuss opinions with others*.


Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 5.22.14 PM

75% of neighbors agree that Nextdoor makes them feel connected to their community, and this is fairly consistent across community types:


Nextdoor allows neighbors to build those trusted, local connections: Hyper-local recommendations not only drive purchasing decisions, they also enhance the overall shopping experiences by sparking discovery, enabling personalization and leveraging individuals’ expertise and authenticity to build trust.

For example, one neighbor asked fellow neighbors where she should host her son’s birthday party, sharing specific information about her desired venue and budget. Neighbors then shared their own experiences hosting kids parties at various local venues, which enabled her to make an informed choice and led to a real-world purchase decision. Through trusted local connections, Nextdoor is able to facilitate turnkey real-world purchase decisions.

The perspective of your local community is powerful. There has been a permanent shift in how we think about the neighborhood, with local + real world connections at the forefront.

To learn more about how your business can convert more neighbors into customers, visit us at or contact us to get started.

Source: Nextdoor Survey, 07/2022 of 1252 Nextdoor users from the Nextdoor Neighbor Network.

*Base: 805 Nextdoor users from the Nextdoor Neighbor Network that agree with statement “Has members / users I trust” when asked how much do you agree with the following statements about Nextdoor? [top 2 box: Completely agree, Somewhat agree].

**Which of the following are your main reasons for using [insert social media platform] ? Please select a response for each row. Base: 1252 Nextdoor users from the Nextdoor Neighbor Network ; Base 883 Nextdoor users from the Nextdoor Neighbor Network that have used Facebook in the past month.


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