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Advertising Week: The Future of Neighbourhoods is Now

Oct 9, 2020 • Written by Nextdoor Enterprise Team

uAdvertisers face a massive challenge as brands attempt to win new customers while global lockdowns endure, and the impact of Covid-19 remains ever present. People are helping one another like never before, and they are expecting brands to play their part too.

During Advertising Week, our CMO Maryam Banikarim joined senior leaders Janey Whiteside of Walmart, Angela Davied from H&R Block and moderator Mary Swant of Forbes to discuss how brands like Nextdoor, Walmart and H&R Block are meeting the needs of their customers in this critical moment and showing up in meaningful ways. 

Right now, people are looking no further than their neighbours and local community for their everyday essentials. They're asking for local recommendations for goods and services such as homeschooling solutions or food deliveries. They're also coming together to form local bonds based around common interests and hobbies. There has never been a more important time for brands to show up for their customers. 

The brands that understand how to put their customers front and center are going to be the ones that thrive on the other side of this pandemic. Brand value propositions must be rooted in utility. Ask first how your brand might help consumers in this moment. They are looking for solutions and brands they can trust. Proximity is paramount and investing at the community level is an important way to show you are there for them. 

Registered Advertising Week attendees can watch this recorded session here.  

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