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CMOs Turn to Local Advertising to Rebuild

Feb 10, 2021 • Written by Nextdoor Editorial Team

New research suggests CMOs are moving budget from regional to focus on more targeted, local audiences

Marketers are increasingly turning to local, as 95% of CMOs see brand advantages from advertising in neighbourhoods. Our research in conjunction with CensusWide, found more than half of UK CMOs (54%) believe local communications has become more important in their communications strategy since the pandemic, and a further 38% stated national communications has become less important. For those planning to allocate more budget to local community-based advertising, 65% will be moving it from regional, while a further 53% will be decreasing their national budget. The main reason given by 45% of those questioned was local goes further than regional when it comes to communicating with neighbourhoods that are relevant to their business. 

“This year we have seen a fundamental shift to online community advertising as consumers look for reliable sources of information about the places closest to them. We have seen communities come together through acts of kindness and support one another during a time unlike any other we have witnessed before. As a result, brands and businesses have leveraged the power of local advertising to engage with consumers and offer reassurance when they’ve needed it the most.”  -Paps Shaikh, Commercial Director – EMEA at Nextdoor

Nextdoor and Censuswide polled 101 CMOs in UK businesses with at least 100 employees, in the following sectors: tech/telecoms, financial services, retail/FMCG, automotive, entertainment and education. The survey took place between the 01.12.20 and 08.12.20. Censuswide are an independent market research consultancy that abide by and employ members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles.

As featured in Marketing Week

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