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5 Secrets to a Better Business Page

Aug 29, 2022 2:34:40 PM
Written by Nextdoor Editorial Team
Aug 29, 2022 2:34:40 PM | Written by Nextdoor Editorial Team

Your business is constantly evolving and its online presence should be regularly updated, too. Your Nextdoor Business Page has free features to help share your information with the whole neighbourhood. Try these tips to refresh your page and grow local awareness, improve engagement on the platform, and keep local customers in-the-know:

1. Upload a business logo or headshot.

Businesses that include a custom photo or logo in place of the default avatar that automatically appears on your Nextdoor Business Page see higher engagement with their Business Posts. Make a good first impression with neighbours and choose an image that clearly represents your business that neighbours can associate with you.

2. Add your website or other links.

We know you’ve been building up your online presence, now share it so customers can learn even more about your business, place orders, or even purchase gift cards. 

3. Add photos to your photo gallery.

Think of the photos on your Business Page like your introduction to the neighbourhood. We recommend choosing high quality images of staff, products you sell or previous work you've done, your shopfront, menu or prepared dishes. 

4. Share your story with neighbours.

While the photos in your gallery may be worth a thousand words, your business story is what sets you apart. Share more about what you do or your business’s origin, mission, even why you started it in that neighbourhood.

5. Let the neighbourhood know your business hours.

Help neighbours get to you before the sign on the door says “Sorry We’re Closed.” Add or update your hours of operation for each day to your Business Page, especially if you’ve recently changed them.

Your Business Page helps local customers discover your business — and helps you connect with them. Follow these easy tips to make sure you’re officially open for business on Nextdoor.

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