Cath Kidston reached new customers on Nextdoor to drive sales


above attention quality benchmarks


above viewability benchmarks




Nextdoor Neighbors are active shoppers. Nearly 1/2 of neighbors’ online purchases are driven from coupons and discounts (46%) or reviews of other customers (48%), while nearly 1/4 of neighbors discover brands from ads on social media.1 Given our audience, Nextdoor was uniquely positioned for Cath Kidston - a retailer in the UK that sells home furnishings and apparel - to reach new neighbors and drive sales.


From January through May 2022, Cath Kidston ran Sponsored Posts in the Nextdoor newsfeed. By targeting neighbors in related context in the newsfeed, they were able to build brand awareness and drive conversions. They also utilized Nextdoor’s Carousel Unit to showcase multiple products, keep the campaign relevant and increase engagement.


The campaign resulted in nearly 50K clicks with an average CTR that was 24% higher than Nextdoor’s benchmark. Moreover, according to a study from Oracle Moat Analytics, in viewability (impressions that can actually be seen by users) the campaign performed 26% above Moat benchmarks. In attention quality, the campaign performed 125% above Moat benchmarks. Cath Kidston tested multiple creatives, including lifestyle imagery and sales announcements. Creative that promoted a sale ultimately provided the best engagement and highest CTR among neighbors. Four out of the five top performing Sponsored Posts had sales-related messaging.

"Across all campaigns on average 70% of sales were from new customers, showing the value of Nextdoor's incremental audience.”

Leah Moss

Digital Marketing Manager


1Source: GWI UK, Q1 2021 - Q3 2021