Coram Beanstalk used Nextdoor to sign up volunteer readers


Newsfeed CTR




incremental volunteer sign-ups


The research is clear - when children choose to read because they want to (not because they have to), they are significantly more likely to do well in school, feel better about themselves and have successful futures. With this in mind, Coram Beanstalk looked to Nextdoor to help spread awareness of its “reading for pleasure” approach to teaching reading to children. By targeting local neighborhoods and communities, the brand had a goal of driving volunteers to help children read in local schools.


From February to April 2022, Coram Beanstalk ran a direct response campaign on Nextdoor. The brand ran Sponsored Posts in the Nextdoor Newsfeed using local substitution to reach neighbors at the local level. Specific postcodes were targeted in areas where volunteer uptake was low, including: Hackney, Islington, Liverpool, Sefton and Wolverhampton. Additionally, the brand also used localized emails in Nextdoor’s Digest to reach neighbors in key markets. The creative featured relatable lifestyle imagery to drive engagement and real-life testimonials to encourage neighbors to sign up and become a volunteer reader.


Throughout the campaign, Coram Beanstalk found great success using Sponsored Posts in Nextdoor’s Newsfeed, averaging a 0.59% CTR with a max CTR of 0.68%. 65 new volunteers signed up to become readers, and 48% of the volunteers who applied during the campaign duration quoted Nextdoor as their source of enquiry.



"Through the Nextdoor campaign, we were able to directly target the communities where we needed volunteers the most. This allowed us to increase our number of volunteer applications. We were kept updated weekly as to which newsfeed was receiving the best engagement allowing us to respond accordingly."

Kerry Beale

Project Implementation Manager, Coram Beanstalk