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SuperCarers’ Smart Strategy Won them Local Awareness and Leads


CTR above benchmark


Engagement rate above benchmark


SuperCarers connects families directly to care professionals, eliminating middlemen to put what’s most important first: caring. Caregivers make more, families save more, and loved ones in need get the attention and compassion they deserve.


SuperCarers wanted to get the word out to Londoners about their services in order to ultimately drive leads.


SuperCarers used Sponsored Posts to help reach an engaged audience on Nextdoor. They leveraged dynamic local ads to customize and localize their message down to the neighbourhood level. Their ads copy helped to clearly explain the process to further encourage consideration. 

"Nextdoor’s performance was great, exceeding our expectations and coming in close to search and direct. We were excited to see these conversion rates from a social platform."

Antonino Capparella

Head of Customer Acquisition


SuperCarers hyper-local approach drove remarkably high rates of engagement among the many Londoners reached. Their campaign performed well beyond Nextdoor benchmarks, including a 28% above CTR and 7% above engagement rate.